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國立臺東大學 兒童文學研究所
Welcome to The Graduate Institute of Children's Literature

Objectives (Core Capabilities of the Graduate Institute of Children's Literature)

1. Establish the ability to do independent research through a good command of literary theory and
    criticism of children’s literature.

2. Enhance the ability to explore textual meaning and analyze texts with useful tools through a sufficient
    understanding of literary works and historical contexts.

3. Enhance critical thinking and practical capabilities by means of investigating concepts of    children,
    childhood, and children's culture.

4. Establish research capabilities and theoretical groundings through means of engaging literary theories
    and historical knowledge of children's literature.

5. Cultivate the ability to review literary works and produce creative writing through a mastery of genre
    studies of children's literature.

6. Gain insight into children’s cultural industries and examine in practice concepts of children, childhood,
    and children’s culture.